Recycling Computers

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The first thing that you need to do is protect yourself and understand that just because you have deleted files, it does not mean that they are fully deleted. Leaving a computer on the curb or in the trash means that you are giving random strangers access to your private information unless you take the time to delete files from your hard drive. The thing is though, once you have deleted said files, you then have a computer with all kinds of space that is all of a sudden running a whole lot better than it was! Now why would you want to throw that in the trash? What you should be doing is recycling your computer once you no longer want or need it!

Ways to Recycle a Computer

Give it to a family member. By offering your used computer to a family member you are giving it to someone who needs it and can probably take it off your hands without fear of your private data ending up in the wrong hands.

Donate it to a charity. There are all kinds of charities that would benefit from a working computer. For instance, the Salvation Army could sell it in one of their thrift stores and use the proceeds towards one of their many programs. Or there are all kinds of programs out there that offer computer lessons to new comers or underprivileged kids who would not otherwise have access to a computer.

Send it back to where it came from. Most companies offer recycling programs and will take back your old computer for a small fee or for free.

Recycle responsibly. If your computer is beyond repair or you just can not seem to find the time to take it elsewhere, then you should at the very least recycle it accordingly by taking it apart and placing the materials in the right place. Things like wires and cartridges can be recycled with other household items.

Aside from the fact that there are others who could benefit from your computer, you should also consider the damage that you will be doing by throwing it in the trash. Your computer is full of toxins like mercury and led which have no place in a landfill. These toxins have a dangerous effect on the environment and on our health, so by allowing them to end up in landfills means leaking them into the soil, drinking water , air and ultimately into you and your loved ones.

The sad reality is that most people do not bother to recycle their electronics responsibly and because of this, close to 4 million tons of consumer electronic waste was generated in the US last year. Dont contribute to these sad statistics and instead opt to be someone who makes a difference.

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